Discover a collection composed of comfort focused staples and accessories featuring the 'Yoga Fox' in its different poses such as the 'Lotus', the 'Sun Salutation' and the 'Shoulderstand'.

Manifesto Maison Kitsune 3 Yoga Fox Logo
Manifesto Maison Kitsune 3 Yoga Fox

A feeling of bliss and positive energy infuses the Maison Kitsuné Spring-Summer 2020 collection as it unveils a new iteration of its signature logo: The 'Yoga Fox'. 

Manifesto Maison Kitsune Lotus Fox Red

The 'Yoga Fox' embodies a new dynamic, enthusiastic way of living for the brand's favourite animal. Focusing on health and wellness, the 'Yoga Fox' comes to life as an animated character, practicing Yoga and teaching poses. 

Manifesto Maison Kitsune Lotus Fox Green

On Saturday, 20th June 2020 (GMT+8), explore the reinvented yoga fox emblem from Parisian label, Maison Kitsune, launching on

Maison Kitsune Spring Summer 2020 Water Bottle

Accompanying the launch is the gifting of Maison Kitsune Spring-Summer Water Bottle, applicable exclusively to Maison Kitsune purchases SGD$320 and above. Bottle will be added into the delivery automatically whilst stocks last, limited quantities only.


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